Summer of Paintless Toenails

Debbie Bowman

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Summer of Paintless Toenails
The Summer of Paintless Toenails
By Samuel L and Debra Bowman

Baby boomers have a problem! There is a generation of kids who can’t raise their kids. It is estimated that as many as five million grandparents are now raising their grandkids in a culture gone totally crazy. If you are looking for hope and wisdom on how to help your kids and grandkids, this is the book for you.

The Summer of Paintless Toenails is the story of one awesome grandmother who is not only surviving but thriving as she works with her husband to put together two families ravaged by death and save a generation of innocents. Grandmothers can have such a powerful and positive impact on their grandkids. We recognize and honor you.

Here is the encouragement and wisdom you need if you are willing to take the initiative to build a strong family, instill values and build a great life for your grandkids.

A Hard Knock Knock: What to do when policemen come to the door
Into the Blender: How they put together two families and survived death, drugs and diapers
On That Distant Shore: How a supernatural vision showed the way
The Life We Choose: How to help without creating dependency
Falling off The Bicycle: 15 Tips for sharpening grandparent skills
Connections: How to thrive by creating vital relationships
Recovery Room: 10 Tips on how to recover - from a forty year I.C.U. veteran
The Rest of the Story: 14 wisdom insights on how to find rest in the wreck

Together Sam and Debbie have seven grandkids, four great grandkids and live in Indiana on their mini-farm with their three-year old grandson. Debbie is an author and forty-year veteran of intensive care nursing. She now has a passion for helping grandmothers win the war for their grandkids in a culture gone crazy. Sam has a degree in psychology from Huntington University, is a spirit-filled businessman and was chosen as entrepreneur of the year from the Tipton Economic Development Commission.

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