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Safety First Fun Pack


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Safety First Fun Pack
Title: Right to the Moon, Baby
Lesson: Safety First
Series: Lesson 2 of 6 in the Live Show Series 6 Pack
Audience: 2 to 10 year olds. Great fit for any belief system
Description: Filmed before a live audience, there’s fast paced action and audience participation with Granpa as invites kids to visit him in his workshop. He shows his inventions, a super duper toilet paper dispenser and a pop corn popper. In the end the machines blow up and Granpa remembers: safety first. This show also features a favorite of kids, Afterburner Bunny.
Featured Characters: Granpa, Root the Pig, Afterburner Bunny and other critters
Featured Set: Granpa’s Workshop
Theme Color: Look for products featured in blue

Contents Include many items which all teach safety first, including:
Video of the live show
Video Game/Activity Disk (several video games, downloadable coloring pages plus many more activities) Disk works in any computer with a disk drive
Music Album: fifteen songs and audio skits that teach treat others the way you want to be treated
Three Giant Full Color Safety First Wall Posters: featuring Granpa’s family and shots from the show
Table Top Coloring Poster and Game
Three membership certificates to the Safety First Club

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