Because Granpa Says So, That's Why!


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Because Granpa Says So, That's Why!

If you need to laugh this book is for you. It includes over 600 one liners collected by Granpa over nearly forty years of entertainment and its all clean, family humor.

In Granpa Says So you get:
Over 600 Granpa one liners
30 short stories of the misadventures of Granpa performers
Trips Down Memory Lane: A look at life on the farm in the 1950s
Granpa’s favorite photo memories from events and appearances
It All Happened Because: The answer to, “How did it all happen?”
Fun agriculture facts Granpa love to teach kids about animals
Fun facts about Granpa’s shows and his history
Trivia about Granpa, his all puppet family and his shows

Granpa’s award winning show has been appearing at fairs and festivals for nearly forty years. During that time he has appeared at over two thousand live events and presented over half a million shows. Now grandparents who saw Granpa as kids are bringing the third generation to experience the fun of watching a live Granpa show.

Granpa has been seen live by over one hundred million people at live events. He has also appeared four times on the Today Show alone, and on Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America and on every major network: ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, ESPN, The PTL Network, the LeSea Broadcasting Network, the Success-N-Life Network, and more, with such names as Willard Scott, Dick VanPatten and Barbara Mandrel. He still makes appearances around the world via several satellites on the Captain Hook Show, and the Kidz Television Network. It is estimated that he has personally hugged over two hundred and fifty thousand kids.

Granpa’s creator, Sam Bowman, lives with his wife Debbie and their grandson Anthony on their mini-farm near Sharpsville, Indiana.
Besides creating Granpa Cratchet Sam has written several books on his Christian faith, has a degree in psychology from Huntington University and masters level studies at Christian Leadership University. He was named entrepreneur of the year by the Tipton Economic Development Commission. He has written six award winning children’s shows which Granpa Cratchet performs, along with a wide array of product you can get for your kids.

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