Chicken Pot Kaplowie


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Chicken Pot Kaplowie
Title: Chicken Pot Kaplowie!
Lesson: Work Together
Series: Lesson 3 of 6 in the Live Show Series
Length: 20 minutes
Audience: 2 to 10 year olds. Great fit for any belief system
Description: Filmed before a live audience, there’s fast paced action and audience participation with Granpa as we go down on the farm and visit his chicken coop where he is opening a chicken restaurant. Granpa has invented a new high powered chicken pressure cooker. Cousin Clem stuffs the pot with way too many chickens and Grandma ends up in the pot, too. It’s hilarious action as the kids count chickens and remind Granpa to work together.
Featured Characters: Granpa, Spaz the chicken, Cousin Clem and Grandma and an array of chickens.
Featured Set: Granpa’s Chicken Coop
Theme Color: Yellow

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