Live Show Series Video 6 Pack


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Live Show Series Video 6 Pack
Live Show Series Video 6 Pack
Title: Live Show Series Video 6 Pack
Description: Filmed before a live audience, there’s fast paced action with lots of Granpa humor, and audience participation. This 6 Pack of videos contains all 6 of the individual videos from the Live Show Series

Lesson 1 - Right In The Kisser, teaching the golden rule, treat others the way you want to be treated at Granpa’s general store
Lesson 2 - Right To The Moon Baby, teaching safety first at Granpa’s workshop
Lesson 3 - Chicken Pot Kaplowie, teaching work together at Granpa’s chicken coop
Lesson 4 - Super Veg Man Of The Universe, teaching take the garbage out at Granpa’s farmer’s market
Lesson 5 - Granma’s Big Birthday Surprise, teaching follow your instructions, at Granpa’s farmhouse
Lesson 6 - Egg Yoke In The Underwear, teaching do your chores, at Granpa’s barnyard.

Length: Each of the six videos is about 20 minutes long and includes many special features
Audience: Perfect for 2 to 10 year olds, these videos are a great fit for any belief system