Egg Yolk In The Underwear


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Egg Yolk In The Underwear
Title: Egg Yolk In The Underwear
Lesson: Do Your Chores
Series: Lesson 6 of 6 in the Live Show Series
Length: 20 minutes
Audience: 2 to 10 year olds. Great fit for any belief system
Description: Filmed before a live audience, there’s fast paced action and audience participation with Granpa as we go down on the farm and visit his barnyard. There are lots of animals with a huge pig, sheep, goats and more. Everyone has chores to do. To help make the chores easier Cousin Clem invents an egg gathering machine that doesn’t work so well. There’s lots of participation as the kids help watch for eggs coming down the shoot and critters getting into things.
Featured Characters: Granpa, Pac the Rat, Mouse the Cat, Cousin Clem, Henrietta the chicken and lots more animals.
Featured Set: Granpa’s Barnyard
Them Color: Gray

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