Super Veg Man of the Universe


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Super Veg Man of the Universe
Title: Super Veg Man of the Universe
Lesson: Take the Garbage Out
Series: Lesson 4 of 6 in the Live Show Series
Length: 20 minutes
Audience: 2 to 10 year olds. Great fit for any belief system
Description: Filmed before a live audience, there’s fast paced action and audience participation with Granpa as we visit his farmer’s market and roadside veggie stand. As soon as Granpa opens for business Wally the Squirrel drinks Granpa’s super veg juice and turns into a super hero flying squirrel. Granpa shows his secret ingredients and teaches the kids to eat right. Cousin Clem shows the super drink machine he has invented. Granpa puts on his super veg man costume to save the world but instead gets sucked into the veg machine and ends up in his juice, instead of his juice ending up in him
Featured Characters: Granpa, Wally the squirrel, Cousin Clem.
Featured Set: Granpa’s Roadside Farmer’s Market and Veggie Stand
Theme Color: Green

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